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Tigers Softball Club

The Tigers are a slowpitch softball club of two co-ed teams, the Tigers and the Wildcats, who both play in the Manchester Softball League. The Tigers play in the 2nd division of the Manchester league and the Wildcats in the 4th division. We also run a men's team, the Men in Black, in the Manchester Single Sex league.

We are actively looking to recruit players for all our teams so if you are interested in playing for us, or if you want to come along to a session and try the game then get in touch.


Tigers, 2015

What is Softball ?

Softball is a friendly bat and ball game that grew out of baseball and is played and enjoyed by a millions of people across the world. It's a game that includes an active social side and can help you to meet people and find new friends as well as providing a sporting challenge. If you have previously played rounders or cricket then you should enjoy playing softball. If you want to try the game then get in touch as we have an experienced coach who can help you get started and lots of team kit available for new players. If you want to learn a bit more about the game click here to read on

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Tigers Softball Team